Tips On Oral Hygiene: The Proper Way to Brush & Floss

Keeping your gums healthy is vital to ensuring that your mouth stays clean and your teeth stay intact and in pristine condition. Incorporating a few simple steps into your daily oral hygiene routine will keep your teeth and gums healthy, happy and your smile shining bright for years to come.


Flossing: How to Floss Like A Boss



So, should you floss your teeth before you brush?


Here is a diagram of how to properly floss according to the ADA. If you want to floss like a boss, follow these simple steps:


Another way to floss is by using a waterpik. A waterpik helps remove any debris that gets left behind from brushing. It’s an extra way to ensure your teeth and gums are clean. According to, here is how to properly use a waterpik:


  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water and place firmly on the base.
  2. Select a tip and click into the handle.
  3. Start with the lowest pressure setting, lean over the sink, place the tip in your mouth.
  4. Turn the unit on. Close lips enough to prevent splashing, let water flow from your mouth into the sink.
  1. Aim the tip at the gumline.
  2. When finished, turn the unit off and use the tip eject button to remove the tip.


Click here to check out a video about waterpik!


However, does a waterpik replace using floss? No, as the saying goes, don’t toss the floss!


Brushing: Keep em’ Clean!

Brushing your teeth is an important part of your dental care routine. For a healthy mouth and smile the ADA recommends you:


The proper brushing technique is to:


Click here to check out a video:

For more tips or information on proper oral hygiene, schedule an appointment. We can help answer all your questions and help you ensure you have a cavity free smile.